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Farm Fresh Produce & Nursery, Locally Grown using organic practices, chemic

Welcome to KT-Farms

At KT-Farms we like to grow vegetable gardens, we have tried a lot of different methods and many are back breakers, this coming year we are going to start using the Plasticulture method in 2018 along with sustainable agriculture practices. First we will start many of our plants in the greenhouse, KT-Farms only uses non-GMO, Heirloom and Organic seeds and utilizes raised beds along with drip irrigation and black plastic mulch. Allowing us to have fewer methods, meaning less tillage and conserving ground moisture and targeting the plant roots with drip irrigation. By using the minimal till method means less ground impact and less soil erosion.

About Us

Earth To Table


  • Locally Grown Farm Fresh Produce & Nursery  in Stevensville , No Herbicides, No Pesticides. We grow all our own vegetables from non-GMO seed then transplant into raised mulched beds.
  • We use the plasticulture method of growing vegetables in raised beds with drip irrigation, and organic methods, we are not certified organic but eventually we are working our way to become certified.
  • Along with vegetables and fruit, we are also growing annuals and perennial flowers for cut flower arrangements. At KT-Farms we also cut, dry, color and preserve flowers for arrangements.
  • This year we will be collecting and drying our seeds from flowers and vegetables, eventually these also will be available to our customers.

Locally Grown, Non-GMO Vegetables


We use non-GMO, organic seeds, locally grown vegetables from potatoes to onions and everything in between.



We use plasticulture, minimal till, minimal impact, drip irrigation, low erosion and natural fertilizer.

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