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Serving all of the BitterRoot Valley since 2018.

Sula, Darby, Hamilton, Corvallis, Victor, Stevensville, Florence, Lolo and Missoula.

100% Naturally Grown - Farm Fresh Produce

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About Us

Farm Fresh Produce, Naturally Grown, Chemical Free

From Our Farm To Your Table

We are small family owned 20 acre vegetable farm in the heart of the BitterRoot Valley, located outside the historic town of Stevensville, Montana with the towering majestic BitterRoot Mountains out the front door, and the beautiful Sapphire Mountains out the back door, conveniently located halfway between Hamilton, Montana and Missoula, Montana.

Currently we are considered a rural vegetable farm, with all the homes going up around us, we are fastly becoming an Urban vegetable farm.


  • All of our vegetables are grown naturally and always chemical free.
  • We use the plasticulture method of growing vegetables in raised beds with drip irrigation, and organic methods, we are not certified organic but eventually we are working our way to become certified as naturally grown.
  • We only sell what we grow! No Imports!, Grown In Montana Registered Grower!

You can get our vegetables directly from the farm via our farm stand/Online Store, or one of these stores in the BitterRoot Valley!

  • Burnt Fork Market - Stevensville, Montana
  • Gary & Leo's IGA - Florence, Montana
  • Hamilton's Market Place - Hamilton, Montana
  • Pattee Creek Market - Missoula, Montana
  • Heritage Market - Stevensville, Montana

Farm Fresh Produce, KT-Farms

Locally Grown, Non-GMO Vegetables

We use non-GMO, organic seeds, locally grown vegetables from potatoes to onions and everything in between.

Naturally Grown, Chemical Free, Farm Fresh Produce


We use plasticulture, minimal till, minimal impact, drip irrigation, low erosion and natural fertilizer.