2019 CSA Shares still available

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

A: In simplest terms a CSA is a way for a community member to invest their money in fresh, local, home grown, seasonal vegetables and have a direct relationship with the farmer that grows their food. This is done through a subscription by purchasing a share of the season’s harvest.

Community members that are interested can become a Member (purchase a share) of the CSA. Members pre-pay for their share of vegetables grown by the farmer. This benefits the farmer by allowing him or her to purchase seed un-indebted to the banks and to plan for the upcoming season.

Community-supported agriculture farms consist of three main aspects:

  1. An emphasis on local produce
  2. Community members purchasing a share of the upcoming season’s harvest or subscriptions sold prior to season
  3. Weekly deliveries of the subscribers share.

Q. How long is a season, and when does it start?

A: Season length varies upon the time of year and the crops. Generally speaking:

  • Spring is 8 weeks long and runs from sometime in early March or Early April through mid-May.
  • Summer is 12 weeks long and runs from early June through  mid to late August.
  • Fall is 12 weeks long and runs from middle to late August through late October to early November.
  • Winter is 6 weeks long and runs from mid November thru mid to late December.

Q. Can anyone sign-up to become a member?

A: Yes and no. The CSA Membership is available to residents of Stevensville, Florence, Hamilton, Victor, Lolo, Missoula.

Each season we have a pre-determined number of slots available.  Existing members get first dibs on the next season’s spots. If we still have open slots available we then have open enrollment for new and previous but inactive members.

Q. Where is KT-Farms located?

A: KT-Farms is located in West-Central Montana, Stevensville, Montana. We have a couple plots of land, which are located in Stevensville, Montana.

We are a local Family Farm working 7 days a week to provide our customers with local, quality, home grown produce for affordable pricing. We currently sell our produce direct to the consumer either through our CSA Program,  at our on-site Farm stand, and through our Local Pick-Your-Own program.

Q. Can I choose what goes into my box?

A: Sorry but we are unable to accommodate special requests at this time.

Q. Can I get a refund or cancel my subscription?

A: We do not offer refunds. A CSA is about commitment to a local farmer and our commitment to you.  If you have made a purchase and no longer want to receive your share you can sell it to a friend and inform us of the change. Offer it to a charity or cancel delivery and forfeit your funds.


Q. Can we visit the farm?

A: Of course! We welcome you to come out to the farm. The best time to come is on Tuesday thru Sunday during the seasons. 

If you’re looking for a simple tour, want to talk to Kenneth about what he is growing and how, do a little field work or just have a look around, you are certainly welcome to visit. During peak season we ask that you message ahead of time. And he doesn't care if you call him Ken, Kenny or Kenneth.

Q. What if I get something I don't like?

A: That is what neighbors and friends are for. But before you give it away we ask that you at least try it. 

Q. Are you organic?

A: Although we aren’t certified organic we have a set of principles that we follow for the health of the land, our family and yours. 

We are pesticides and herbicides free, we don't use any synthetic fertilizers, and we only plant using Non-GMO, Heirloom and/or Organic Seeds.